Updating expression engine

Don’t take a chance when upgrading to a new build or version of Expression Engine.Watch this free 16 minute video and follow along for best practices and documentation of the official upgrade steps. Ok - the updating-instructions are good and detailed. With one click, you are always rolling the dice, and trust me I've lost that battle many times. I could have checked the required PHP-version before But always when upgrading it is required to make backups from everything, setting file-permission, renaming files, changing and … Despite Wordpress having the one click update, I still cringe anytime I have to upgrade it.

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Some of the videos are free to download and share, while others are published through the Pragmatic Programmers as part of a very popular EE training series.

Now my question is this: Is updating EE a pain in the '*$/%§ or am I just too sensible? Check it out here: I've upgraded 100's of Wordpress sites many times and probably about 50 EE sites.

There was a great podcast about this a few months ago over on the Ctrl Click podcast.

That’s why the How To Use Construct article exists.

If you are so inclined, you can head over and read it.

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