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From outdoor summer music festivals, raves in the mountains, all-night beach parties and Beirut's energetic pub scene, there's never a dull moment.

Located right next to Beirut's iconic Roauche rocks (or Pigeon Rocks), this chill Mediterranean party draws a hipster crowd that just wants to dance all night, care and worry free.

Lebanon has a reputation for being a party destination. Without rehashing clichés about Beirut "coming out of its shell as a party city," and away from the tired stories about half-naked Lebanese people dancing on the rubble of enduring political turmoil, we need to emphasize that it's not a die-hard love to party that makes Lebanon irresistible to party-goers.

It's the fact that Lebanon is as creative as partying gets about its nightlife.

But music, Tala shows, can be a powerful tool for amplifying the idealism of young people who are eager to affect change.

Plus, it transforms Beirut’s technicolored dance utopia into a springboard for political organization.

They brought a victim of their actions [to the hospital], then began hitting those trying to tend to the victim.'When asked if there was security at the hospital, Chahine said it has never been necessary due to the calmness of the area.' 'Our doors are open to those in need,' he said.But not all kidnapped girls are taken to the heart of Islamic State's brutal regime.In early April, more than 200 Yazidi women, children and elderly were released near Kirkuk after being taken hostage last June. An art-director-turned-DJ, Mortada works to harness the buoyant energy of Beirut’s vibrant club scene as a cure for Lebanon’s political strain.Plagued by looming threats from ISIS, crumbling infrastructure that has left Beirut without functional garbage disposal or recycling systems, and the heartbreaking humanitarian crisis of refugees fleeing neighboring Syria, Lebanon might seem (to outsiders) like an unlikely home for trendy nightclubs like the Grand Factory, where Tala spins.

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