Ps3 virtual dating

Users of Home, which will be available as a free download to all PS3 owners, will enable players to create cartoon-like representations of themselves, known as avatars, and dress them in the latest high-street fashions.Avatars will be able to wander the virtual world in real time, and users will be able to communicate with other players through the use of text and voice chat.Users could travel throughout the Home world, which was frequently updated by Sony and its partners.Public spaces were made for display, entertainment, advertising, and networking.On September 18, 2008 the PS3 version of the [email protected] client became Life With Play Station.The application became available for the PS3 in March 2007 and became a channel on Life with Play Station when it was released.Home's primary forms of advertising included spaces themselves, video screens, posters, and mini-games.

Each avatar was given a personal apartment that users could decorate with free, bought, or won items.Once in the virtual world, players will be able to take part in mini-games and special events, and even create their own communities."Play Station Home is truly a promising network community service," said Kazuo Hirai, president of Sony Computer Entertainment.There will also be shops in the virtual world, run by the likes of fashion label Diesel and furniture designers Ligne Roset, where players can clad their avatars in the latest jeans and buy sofas and tables to put into their virtual apartments.Play Station Home has originally been slated for launch in 2007, but that date has been pushed back twice.

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