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To do that would take significant resources and someone in the corporate dictator role to make the change happen.That could be possible with your organization – in most companies it is not.With increasing harmonization requests, project complexity increases.Additional work by the customer, technical dependencies, accompanying sequence plannings, tests, and documentations must be attuned to one another in order to ensure the traceability of all concerned systems.

In praxis, this step is frequently omitted from IT projects.Pooling resources means considerably lower operating costs compared to traditional operating models.Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions also lowers operating costs by up to 30 percent because companies no longer need to maintain extra capacity to cover peak loads.There are many reasons for the consolidation of fragmented SAP system environments.A few examples are: multi-channel sales models, new preparations for digital business models, augmented concentration of production capacities, co-operations, or systems added through M&A transactions, which were never integrated (PMI).

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