Mars hill christian dating

Being a conservative ideal of a woman is not a guarantee you’re going to get dates or get married, so my fellow conservatives can kindly stop promoting that view.

So, as it turns out, a man – yes, a man – wrote the “anti feminist” book with Tantaros’ name on it, telling women if they want to get a man and keep one, to ditch their independence, their agency, and behave like doormats.

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The only relationship between the two Mars Hills is that they both became broadly well known around the same time.

A few days before, Mars Hill had announced that it was slashing staff and closing branches as a result of poor giving and attendance.

Several thousand members had left the church, the attendance of which once numbered 13,000.

Just weeks before, the church’s swaggering, charismatic leader, pastor Mark Driscoll, stepped down for a six-week sabbatical following various calls from former pastors and members for him to resign and his expulsion from Acts29, the network of churches around the country he founded.

The crisis followed a tsunami of damaging revelations about Driscoll, including allegations that he plagiarized another pastor for one of his books, misused church money for personal ends, made crass and misogynistic statements, and cruelly cast out anyone who dared question him.

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