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Well if you have a Bosch ECT (engine coolant temp) sensor fitted it may well be that you have a problem in that you have a poor connection in the ECT sensor harness multi plug connection, due to vibration.This is a known fault on these models and would require a modified harness /multi plug to be fitted.I have a 02 combo 1.7d van with the isuzu engine, was going ok then after using it i went back to go home and van wont start all normal lights come on on dashboard the only thing I have noticed was the glowlight comes on and off alot quicker that it did. I got it bump started and it went ok used it the next day ok then after that it not start again. What you need to do is go to a Vaux dealer parts dept and purchase some "spill off" piping... I say to to do that because the tubing that Vauxhall supply is an upgraded material to cure just the problem you have and using cheaper alternatives wont work...

I always half turn the key, wait 5 seconds and then start it. note : i didnt actually buy any I meant glow plugs lads not sparkys!

Over the last year or so the van has been getting worse and worse to get started, especially when cold.

It can now take around 30 - 60 minutes each morning to start it, using jump leads or a booster after the van battey goes flat (have also tried easy start and bump starting and it's the same).

:| :lol: Some 1.3s have trouble starting, speak to babybluemaxer he had a fair bit of trouble with his combo. see if that with mine, i didnt turn the key and start right away. turn the key to the bit when all the dash lights come on. I drive a 1.3 CDTI and I encountered what I thought was a 'problem' when I first got the car.

I think vauxhall changed a fair few parts for with mine, i didnt turn the key and start right away. turn the key to the bit when all the dash lights come on. It seems the engine just needs time for the diesel to warm up I suppose, or so I assume. Awww man is dt why dem super spark 4's i got off ebay dnt fit ma derv bummmer..

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