Attitudes of college students toward interracial dating Pornadultdatingsite

The article investigates the attitudes towards interracial dating in the United States.

It informs that the issue of interracial relationships has historically been a difficult one for the U.

Introduction Interracial relationships have experienced intense struggles and obstacles in the history of the United States.

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They have endured a long history of migration and settlement that dates back to the late 1840s, including some 60 years of legal exclusion.For example, programs and activities implemented to meet the needs of latchkey children have included extended-day programs in public schools, after-school hotlines, and neighborhood “block mothers” (Lamorey, Robinson, Rowland, Coleman, 1998).Along with other unofficial programs and activities, these likely have contributed to children developing viewpoints and social comforts beyond the influences of their primary caregivers.As recent as in 1967, sixteen states still banned interracial marriages until the Supreme Court declared those laws unconstitutional in the landmark case of Loving v. Slavery, prejudice, and stereotypes perpetuated discrimination against interracial relationships.Researchers reported a change in societal attitudes during recent decades with more individuals engaging in interracial dating and marriage (Fiebert, Karamol, Kasdan, 2000; Gurung & Duong, 1999).

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