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Granted, the percentage of those who turn to apps for sex education is lower than the percentage of those who use apps to find partners (34 percent), track their sexual activity (40 percent—partially due to the i Phone's health app's recent addition of a sexual activity tracking option) or sext (67 percent), but for Kinsey Institute researcher Amanda Gesselman, that was the most remarkable result.“It signals life-long learning in sex. You can never know it all,” she tells , explaining that people find the need to learn more about different bodies, different desires, fantasies and ways to turn sex into the best possible experience for all parties involved.

According to Gesselman, a lot of the research has focused so far on how technology is changing the way people date, but this survey—one of the largest of its kind—indicates that there are people who had questions about relationships and sexuality and are finding the answer thanks to mobile technology.“Regardless of what app they used, 99 percent of them said it improved their relationship some way,” Gesselman says.

That way, differences in the usual ages of users of one smartphone type or another couldn't affect the results.

Among Android users aged 30, the average man had accumulated six sexual partners in his lifetime, while the average woman had accumulated 6.1.

We've also included another chart in which Ok Cupid mapped out and compared smartphone owners by age from 18 up through 40.

The ‘O-Cast’ app requires you to lick your phone (please, wipe that thing down first) while it records your tongue pattern and saves it to its store.I love, love, love the Vibease and I think this one is great as a first toy.If you are new to long-distance sex toys and you want to try something sexy, try Vibease.The results were published on Thursday and showed a broad picture of the respondents’ habits when it comes to apps and sex life, health and education at a time when online dating is gaining popularity as a way to meet a sexual or romantic partner.Tech & Science delivered to your inbox Among the American respondents, nearly one in five reported using an app to learn about sex, slightly higher than the overall response (18 percent), regardless of the level of sexual experience.

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