Zodiac dating game

You might think that behind closed doors you're safe enough to be the disgusting kink machine you truly are, but ladies and gentleman, I'm about to blow the whistle on your whole operation.

Next time you ask someone their zodiac sign, their answer will give you insight into their most depraved, sick, sexual fantasies. just remember there's no real judgment being passed here.

We're talking about sex, and the meaning of the word “sick” in the bedroom is v.

different than the meaning it has in the real world.

A love affair might flatline or finally blossom around February 10, courtesy of a lunar eclipse in your romance zone. Look to meet a serious contender after the solar eclipse on August 21.

If it does, use this guide to help you navigate your romantic relations in 2016. Just be careful you don’t get too caught up in your favorite love games of cat and mouse. You enjoy reliable and sincere connections, so dating apps and playing the field are probably not your thing.You like to be wooed, and you’ve never met a love letter, surprise, or bouquet of flowers you didn’t fancy.Essentially, tell any potential boo to go watch You love affirmations.Finding time to fit love into your busy schedule can be a challenge, and more often than not your relationships evolve out of a close friendship. You’re a perfectionist, and you like things to be just like the movies.You have specific ideas about how romance should go, and ideally, they all start with dinner and a movie.

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